torsdag 31 mars 2016

News: LP + TOUR + else

"Aristokrat", the debut LP by HSV is now available from Music Lovers Records (who are kindly distributing it for Järtecknet).
Back in 2014 I frequently incorporated a quote/loop from Leo Ferré in my live gigs: "Y'en a pas un sur cent et pourtant ils existent" - something like "Not even one out of a hundred and yet they exist..."

This record continues the dual theme of individuality; aristocracy as well as marginalization, anarchy as well as psychology

Listen here:

I will update this blog with any info I recieve about other distros etc.)


Also out: V/A - Remise/Assume 2xCS (Strange Rules) featuring HSV alongside Wanda Group, Cremation Lily, Elisha Morningstar and much more.

Get your copies from Strange Rules or select distros.


The recent tape on Posh Isolation (Interiors) sold out very quickly, but can be heard on Spotify as well as iTunes.


A nice little italian tour with Matar Dolores and Broken Lights coming up:

Other things on the horizon: HSV tape on Throne Heap + who knows?

fredag 5 februari 2016


HSV + associates live in Berlin on Thursday.
The continuously belated LP is out soon.

måndag 7 april 2014

HSV shirts

A handful made, only available in S + L for now. I might make more in the future, or not.
11 EUR + shipping. 

torsdag 20 mars 2014


Sorry, I haven't updated this blog for a while. A tour and a couple of releases came and went by before I got the chance to tell anything about it here... but anyway. Two new things to order.

6 eur + postage

Minimal and organic loop-music to listen to on desolate islands and in deserted ruins. 

3 eur + postage

Sexual loops for nervous industrial. Reissue/official bootleg of the now sold-out I Never c30 released on Posh Isolation in the late summer of 2013. The CD is made from the original masters and features correction of a few minor errors that appeared on the tape.

Email: henrikvonsoderstrom (a) for purchase info.

fredag 21 juni 2013


The new issue of Fördämning fanzine, penned by Matthias Andersson of now-defunct Release the Bats records, Arv & Miljö, Heinz Hopf etc., features (amongst other quality material) a 4 page interview with Händer som vårdar, and some artwork by me to boot.
I'm always (or at least usually) grateful people take an interest in HSV, but extra proud to have piqued the interest of someone whose tastes and integrity I respect as much as Matthias. Fördämning features zero posturing, no concern about fitting into a slot (no "filthy" Xerox art either...), just honest, informed and well-written thoughts on music. Issue 1 is still in print and is also heavily recommended.

Order here:

In other news: recording new material. It's coming along nicely. There are at least three releases planned, let's see when and if they happen...

måndag 17 juni 2013


HSV and Broken Lights (as well as a couple other swedes) are featured on a "mixtape" on SoundCloud entitled Nestandartnije Zatochki Sverl, from S:t Petersburg in Russia. The HSV track is the one heard on Tapeworks IV and Broken Lights is taken from Venice of the North. The author works quite freely with the tracks, editing and crossfading etc. so they sound slightly different from the original versions, but I think the mix flows nicely and recommend giving it a listen.

söndag 2 juni 2013

Venice update

Copies of Venice of the North are moving steady. I have a handful left, it's also available from these distros:

Lust Vessel
Unrest Productions

I do think the artists still have copies also.

Regards from this quiet and lonesome city.